Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 97

Its my birthday!!!  I'm not normally a person that makes a big deal about my birthday, I used to look at it more as an opportunity to get together with friends.  This year I had no plans with friends but I was extremely spoiled.  I had flowers delivered to me at work from one of my friends family.  They sent me Gerber daisies, 7 of them for every  year that we've been friends.  Very thoughtful and appreciated. Then for supper Jacob and I went out for supper with these friends and we met another one of my friends families there so we all had supper together.  Then my family all met at my brother and sister-in-laws for cake.  I was very spoiled but my favorite gift was a picture that my mom gave me.  The picture was taken sometime this summer and then she wrote on the frame.  I usually don't get too emotional over gifts but this one did almost make me cry.  It was just a very touching and thoughtful gift.  So my miracle of the day is that I felt so loved and appreciated on this day!

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