Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 111

Today we went to the city for an assessment of Jacob.  It was through the mental health program and basically I just wanted some pointers as to help him cope with change and transition.  I was also wanting them to tell me "he's normal just leave him be a kid".  I struggle with small town services for a variety of reasons.  One being that they tend to try and find things wrong, and they don't deal enough with big issues that I think they make trivial things big issues.  They just don't have enough exposure to what else is out there, and I also think that they think they are experts after a 2 year diploma.  There is nothing wrong with education as long as you also have a degree in common sense I think.
So we went.  It was a 2 hour assessment combined with questions for me, observation, interaction and a few little minor tests.  Well the result is that yes he's delayed in his expressive speech (being able to talk) but he isn't that far behind that they don't think he will catch up before he gets to school.  He is pretty typical for his feelings about change and that may be just him or it may be because of his past, or it may be that he's a normal kid because other kids his age also sometimes have issues with transition at this age.
So their recommendations were, "do whatever you are doing now because it seems to be working."  Also they don't recommend PUFF because they aren't sure what the benefit would be at this time.
This is my miracle.  This is also the last assessment I will ever put my son through.  We're done, he's normal and I like that diagnosis!

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