Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 96

Three years in a row now right after New Years Eve I get a bad cold.  Why would this year be any different, right?  Both of us have been fighting it off but today we both woke up and felt terrible.  My nose is stuffed up and I keep sneezing.  At one point I felt it actually running, you know how you see a kid and they have liquid coming out of their nose, and you wonder how can they not feel that.  Well that was me at one point.  I thought, "I think I feel something coming out of my nose" sure enough it was running.  Now I don't remember that happening to me since i was a little kid. 
I feel truly blessed that when I am sick like this I can feel okay about calling sick into work.  I have a great job and an amazing boss who totally is supportive and understands that people get sick.  She would never hesitate to tell you to go home if you weren't feeling well and there is no guilt trip placed on you for not coming to work.  My job, boss, and all the perks that go with it I am truly thankful for.

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