Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 228

Today we went to my mom and dad's.  Mom had all of Jake's cousins over for a visit so we all got to hang out together and play around.  We don't do this enough but I'm really thankful for there not being hours of distance between us.  This makes it pretty easy to have days like today where its a pop in visit and some good quality family time spent together.  Thanks God!

Day 227

I love flowers, love, love, love flowers!  Did I mention I like flowers.  Well on the way home today we stopped at walmart and got an amazing deal on flowers, $15 for a pot full, when at home they are $7 for a little tiny pot of one flower.  Thanks God for the great deal!  Thanks for the great drive home and Jacob being such a great little traveller!!

Day 226

Sometimes when I'm parenting I wonder if I'm gaining.  Is my discipline making any difference, is he learning from his mistakes?  Today I learned that it is.  I saw a glimmer of how it is making a difference and I'm raising a compassionate little boy.  Jacob was miserable and he was just being plain whiny and grumpy.  He even yelled back at me and this I don't tolerate and he has to say sorry for when he does it.  He was so miserable that there was no winning and so in his fit I just put him down for a nap.  Well before his nap I had been trying to get him to say sorry and he refused.  Now I don't want him to say it just for the sake of saying it I do want him to be remorseful when he says it or else its a meaningless apology.  So he fell asleep and then when he woke up the first words out of his mouth were "I'm sorry".  He's getting it, and he understands, and he remembered!  Thanks God for showing me I am doing the right thing and that it is working.

Day 225

A number of years ago I started a new position and the moment I met one of my co-workers I felt like I had met them before, one of those people that you are instantly comfortable around and you just know that you like this person.  My friend Marlene is one of those people to me.  Today I got to spend the whole day with her, something that doesn't happen very often because we live 5 hours apart now.  I miss her but when we have limited time together now you tend to appreciate the person even more.  Thanks God for this gift of Marlene and our friendship that I'm pretty sure will continue well into our grey years.

Day 224

Today we are going to surprise my dear friend Marlene and surprise her with us coming for a visit.  I still had lots to do, clean the house, pack, all that stuff before we left though.  Jacob decided to sleep in today though giving me the extra time to get it all done before he woke up.  A very nice little gift!  Then we took off and had a really good drive together.  Yes I packed the portable dvd player but I thought I would just bring it out to use in an emergent situation when he was miserable of travelling.  I didn't even have to use it though!  He was a great traveller chatting away to me about the things he saw out the window.  The whole day from start to finish was a great and miraculous day.  Thanks God!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 223

I went for lunch with a dear friend today and since I had the day off I thought I would treat myself to a drink at lunch time.  Well I almost fell off my seat when she asked for ID.  I'm 31!  So she thought I looked young enough to look 18.  A huge compliment in my books.
So my other miracle of today would be that as I've dreamed of what the perfect man would be like over the years there are certain things that have been added to the list.  Now I don't have a formal written down list as much as qualities or traits that I would like in a man that are rambling around in my head.  These qualities or traits usually have been decided upon because previous men didn't have them and I wished they had at the time.  So one of these traits is that I wanted to end up with someone who was appreciative of me and the things that I did for them.  Someone who didn't take for granted what I did for them.  Daniel is that appreciative man.  He always says thank you and this morning he was even more so, maybe because I cleaned his house but how he thanked me so many times after the fact made me not mind at all cleaning his house and I will most likely do it again because I know that he doesn't take what I do for him for granted.  So thank you God for this man and his appreciation of me.

Day 222

Today is Mother's day and wouldn't you know it in Jacob's little subconscious he must have known because he slept in giving me some extra quiet morning time.  Thanks God for this wonderful gift!!