Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day two

Well I had been "watching" and "looking" for what my miracle of today might have been.  Then as the day was ending it happened.
So in writing and thinking about this blog and adventure of a miracle a day, I wanted to define what I think a miracle is.  To me a miracle is a gift from God, it can be a little gift, or a really big gift.  So some days I might have a big miracle, or a little, subtle gift/miracle.
Okay, on Thursday nights Jacob goes to BG club, it is like a youth group to learn about God, the bible, etc.  He goes from 6:30-8pm.  While he is there I get together with a group of ladies and we usually plan a new year's event in our community.  Tonight we didn't really do that, instead it was just a visiting night.
Well on the way home my dear friend T and I were talking and she said "I can't wait for church on Sunday."  I asked her why.  She said that she just loves hearing our Pastor talk.  She said she looks forward to it each week and it's getting that she is getting more and more excited each time.  This is the miracle of the day.
See T openly has admitted that although she believes in God, she isn't a Christian yet.  She said she's just not there.  I have a lot of respect for her not trying to pretend to be something she isn't.  I know that a lot of people believe that all you have to do is believe in something and that's good enough. However the devil believes in God and we all know he's not getting into heaven.  Believing isn't enough.
So my dear friend is hearing the message each week and that she is looking more and more forward to each Sunday lets me know that she's also listening to the message and getting something out of it.  Yes, one small miracle that may lead to a big one one day, not today but I'll take the small one.  Thank you God.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day one

Well today is the first of many I hope to list a miracle.  You know how you see those blogs where they challenge people to take one photo each day.  Well I like the concept but put the miracle spin on it.  Can you see one miracle a day in your life?  I'll bet you can if  you really think about it.  I can think of many I had just today.  My niece and I had a safe trip to and from a busy city in the rain, miracle there was no accidents or hold ups.  Others might say oh that's not a miracle but I think it is.  That's not my one miracle for today though.
My one for today was something that again some may not think of as a miracle.  Lets see how it unfolds and you decide what you think by the end of it.
We were in the mall watching the sea lions frolic about, my niece and I.  Out of nowhere two young Asian women approached me and said hello, I said hello back.  Then they came closer and asked if I believed in God.  I perked right up and said, yes, I'm a Christian.  They then asked if I believed that God is a man or a woman.  I stuttered and said He is neither.  They said oh but He is a woman and it says so in the bible, would I like to see?  I said sure, take out the bible and show me.  The entire time though I was thinking, this is really irrelevant whether God is a woman or a man because believing he is one or the other is not what gets you eternal life in heaven.  Well they opened the bible and took me to relevation where it says "22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" Let the one who hears this say, "Come!" Let whoever is thirsty come; whoever wishes may have the water of life as a free gift."  The women said to me, see the bride is God.  I said, no the bride is not God, it is us.  "The Christian church is sometimes referred to as the "bride of Christ"--a metaphor that illustrates that closeness of Christ's relationship with his church, and the depth of love and service that he holds for the church."  See the Bride of Christ is us, people who believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay for yours and my sins so that we may have eternal life.  They said, no, it is God as a woman.  I then said, okay but it doesn't matter because that is not how we get to heaven, and they asked if I knew how to get to heaven.  I proudly said, yes, by acknowledging that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and this is the only way into heaven.  They stammered and said that that was one way but that the revelation stated by believing that God is a woman. 
Now this is the danger of the bible, everyone has a different interpretation.  I though have started to read the bible much more and the entire book of Romans speaks of the grace of the lord, and that the one and only way into heaven is through Christ and the acknowledgement of him.
So you may ask what is the miracle.  Well I've been struggling with talking to people more about God, getting out of my comfort zone so to speak.  Yet I have for years thought of myself as a fisher of men.  Well today I didn't even need the bait, these two unsuspecting girls were given the word of God when they thought they were going to enlighten me!  I enlightened them!  That is the miracle, I do know my stuff and I am proud to tell people how to get to heaven.  Why??  Does God give me a bigger perk when I get there if I recruit more people?  nope, I do it because I love people and I want everyone I come into contact with to go to heaven and feel the love of the Lord. 
So was it a miracle?