Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day two

Well I had been "watching" and "looking" for what my miracle of today might have been.  Then as the day was ending it happened.
So in writing and thinking about this blog and adventure of a miracle a day, I wanted to define what I think a miracle is.  To me a miracle is a gift from God, it can be a little gift, or a really big gift.  So some days I might have a big miracle, or a little, subtle gift/miracle.
Okay, on Thursday nights Jacob goes to BG club, it is like a youth group to learn about God, the bible, etc.  He goes from 6:30-8pm.  While he is there I get together with a group of ladies and we usually plan a new year's event in our community.  Tonight we didn't really do that, instead it was just a visiting night.
Well on the way home my dear friend T and I were talking and she said "I can't wait for church on Sunday."  I asked her why.  She said that she just loves hearing our Pastor talk.  She said she looks forward to it each week and it's getting that she is getting more and more excited each time.  This is the miracle of the day.
See T openly has admitted that although she believes in God, she isn't a Christian yet.  She said she's just not there.  I have a lot of respect for her not trying to pretend to be something she isn't.  I know that a lot of people believe that all you have to do is believe in something and that's good enough. However the devil believes in God and we all know he's not getting into heaven.  Believing isn't enough.
So my dear friend is hearing the message each week and that she is looking more and more forward to each Sunday lets me know that she's also listening to the message and getting something out of it.  Yes, one small miracle that may lead to a big one one day, not today but I'll take the small one.  Thank you God.

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