Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day three

I know, I know it's actually day four but I didn't get a chance to blog last night.  I was just too tired to write anything, but I knew what my miracle was.  This lovely lady is the miracle of day 4.  She is my sister-in-law.  I love her dearly.  She and I didn't get off on the right foot when we first met 7 years ago, I think.  She was dating one of my younger brothers and just came into the family at a bad time.  However sometimes a rocky start makes for a better ending.  In this case it did.  She is a great, amazing, and awesome sister-in-law.  She is always available to help whenever I ask and she's been an outlet whenever something isn't going right in my life.  She's super supportive all the time and I know I don't tell her any of these things often enough.  So she's my miracle for day four.  That God blessed me with a great sister-in-law.  You always hear horror stories about in-laws.  I have no horror stories.  We get along and she has just made our family that much closer and I love her for it.

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