Friday, October 22, 2010

Day twenty

By the time theat I went to work this morning I thought, "there is going to be no miracle today or if there is I'm really going to have to look hard for it."
It happened, of course it happened, they happen everyday, hence the reason for this blog.
If you also follow my other blog you might know that we are going through a transition and Jacob is not coping as well as I thought he would.  Well Monday morning was especially trying and I was pretty much in tears all day because of how he is doing.  When I went to work after lunch I brought with me a previous assessment he had done at Glenrose Hospital.  You know that little line at the very end of the assessment "please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the results of this assessment or future concerns"?  Well I called.....  I didn't know where to start for help for him and I so I started there.  I spoke to a wonderful lady and she recommended a resource that may be able to provide some support.  I called CASA, the resource she recommended, and yes they could absolutely provide me with assistance and recommended I make a referral. 
So there are actually a few miracles I can point out in what I thought was going to be a no miracle day:
  • I realized I am an advocate for my son and don't care about the stigmatization of "getting help".  We need it and I will go to the ends of the earth for him
  • He had this assessment completed so I had someone to call to talk out the issues, otherwise I'm not really sure where I would have started
  • I was very quickly reassured that this was exactly what I thought in my gut, a coping mechanism to deal with change, rather than what my head was racing thinking, autism
  • I have a fabulous support network who whole heartedly supports my venting, frustration, and applaudes our successes
  • Jacob and I will get the help we need
  • I accept that this isn't just a "Jacob" issue, I'm wanting support more for me actually so that I know how to help him, not how to change him
  • I finally realize the trauma that he has had happen in his life and that we do need help to assist us
So there you have it, quite a few little miracles in a day that I spent mostly in tears because I thought life was horrible today.

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