Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day twenty seven

I was speaking to the lovely lady that Jacob goes to during the day.  She was telling me how her husband let her sleep in and he accepted Jacob this morning then when she woke up she called for Jacob and he came into her room.  Then they played and read stories in bed for a while.  She told me how they played fort and Jacob would pretentd to be hidden and then pop up and then be all tangled in the covers and say "I'm stuck".  Then she was telling me how her 9 year old son came to her and said, "Jacob is such a joyful little boy." 
All of this is my gift today.  Listening to how they were playing, reading stories, etc.  This is something that I have done with Jacob and to hear that he is getting a very similar experience with them just continually reassures me that this is the best place for him to be at during the day.  Also how much their entire family does appreciate him and accept him into their daily routine.  It is a very comforting feeling to hear that.  Thanks God.

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