Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day fifteen

Okay today I'm going to make an effort to get almost caught up in my miracle a day blog.  I've a pretty good memory so I don't think that I will be trying to pull miracles from the air just to fill the space.
So for day 15 I remember exactly what it was.  Have you ever not agreed with people but you really know that your way is right?  Isn't it hard to try and convince people to do what you want but in the most polite way possible?  Well it happened on day 15.  My boss and I had a meeting that both of us were feeling was going to be a difficult meeting.  It wasn't at all.  Everyone in the room was on the same page and we were able to advocate the needs of our person while protecting and encouraging a healthy family relationship.  Now I wish I could get into it more but really the situation itself is irrelevant and the outcome is what was the miracle.  Together everyone around the table walked away knowing we are working for the common good, a young girl's life. 
Yep, a surprising miracle on day 15.

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