Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day ten

Well I was busy yesterday so didn't get a chance to blog again, and next week prepare yourselves I'll probably miss 3 days in a row! 
What keeps me away??  Well miracle of day ten.  My job/career/place of work. 
I had been dreading going back to work and all of a sudden it is here and I actually found myself going back earlier than I had planned.  I realized that I am blessed to work somewhere that I feel valued, and appreciated.  Where I make a difference in people's lives.  Growing up I didn't know what I wanted to do in life but I knew that I had one goal.  I wanted a job where I would make a difference in people's lives.  My position allows me to do that. 
How blessed am I that I have a job, let alone one that I like.  A place where I get a long with all of my co-workers, a place that I get to fulfill my goal.  Yep, miracle #10.

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