Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Eighteen

Okay now this may seem like a silly miracle but to me it is a miracle and gift.  I love my hair.  Like I love my hair so much I don't know if I could ever be one of those people that donates their hair to cancer or to shave their head for a good cause.  However hair is upkeep.  I have always struggled with hairdressers, who does what I ask, who isn't too expensive, who does a good job......
Well on a whim yesterday I called and made an appointment at a salon that I haven't gone to for years.  I quit going because the hairdresser that I had moved on.  So I went and it was a cute younger girl, probably early 20's, that was going to cut my hair.  Now first thing I notice, how long and healthy her hair is.  I notice very few highlights so she must not dye her hair much.  Then I explain what I want, take off all the dead.  I'm actually wanting a couple of inches off my ends because I know that's how bad my hair has gotten.  I'm nervous, not that she'll go to short but that she won't take enough off.  A few months ago I had gone somewhere else and told them this exact same request and they took barely an inch off.  So she looks at my hair and says, "it's going to be a lot off."  "That's okay" I respond, wondering if her idea of a lot and my idea are comparable.  THEY ARE!  She took probably 2-3" off my ends and my hair now feels healthy again.  I took a closer look at her hair when she was close to me and I noticed her hair had no split ends. 
Now this may seem like a silly miracle but seriously to find a hair dresser that doesn't over process their own hair and takes care of it is a hair dresser I like.  So miracle of day 18 is that I now have found a hairdresser in my small little town that isn't outrageously over priced, does what I want and does a good job.

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