Friday, October 29, 2010

Day twenty nine

The chair, this is my miracle of day 29.  I have been searching/shopping for the perfect comfy armchair for a few years now, 3 to be exact!  I have found several that almost met the qualities that I wanted but none were just perfect.  They were too stiff, or too small I couldn't curl up in, or I didn't like the fabric, or the price.  Well this past week I was in n-t-n and there it was.  A big comfy armchair, the fabric is nice and soft, the springs are still in good shape, I can still get out of it.  The price was $35 so I couldn't complain about that.  Oh how I love my armchair.  If you can imagine it actually does even go with my decor, I have my walls green and an off white and then the curtains are gold and green with offwhite in them.  As you can tell by the picture it is a well used reading chair.  The blanket on the back of it is the blanket Jacob and I use to snuggle in and he curls up on my lap while I read to him, yep miracle of the day is finding the perfect chair!

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