Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day eleven

Well, well, well.  What could the miracle of today be.  I know your probably thinking that I have been picking big things that really aren't miracles but are just things in my life that I never take the time to appreciate, yep, your right.  Don't worry though pretty soon all the big things will have been mentioned and I really will have to look deeper for those little miracles of each day, oh one just popped into my head.
I was going to say that the weather today was the miracle.  Did you know that on this date last year it was -9 and snow on the ground??  Today it was +20's and gorgeous. 
Anyways, nope I have a little miracle to make mention of.  So Jacob is potty trained, sort of.  He rarely goes in his pants anymore, typically waits for the bathroom.  However he doesn't ask to go pee.  I spoke to other mother's about this and some said that as long as 4 months or so later before thier kids were asking to go pee.  Well today all of a sudden Jacob came running up to me, "Pee!  Pee!"  I thought, oh know, he already went.  Nope, he had't he needed to go.  So we made the trek to the bathroom, which was over a 100 feet away and up a steep hill.  Why didn't I just whip it out and go there by the lake you ask?  Well I had an inkling that he had to poop not just pee.  So we made the trek and sure enough my big little boy pooped and peed on the potty and had told me he had to go first.  Yep small, or big miracle of the day. 

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