Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day twenty five

I am super passionate about adoption, especially adoption through the province.  I do understand though that adoption isn't for everyone.  However let me tell ya when people are open to the idea I love talking about it and sharing our story and encouraging them to at least research it and decide if it is for them.  I do encourage people to go down the adoption route if they want kids and are having issues going the natural route.  Now my thought on is it is that if you at least go through the process and are waiting then if you do become pregnant you can always say no, I don't need to adopt.  However if in the meantime a child comes up that matches you, you have the opportunity to become a parent that way too.  However if you don't open the door to it you don't have the opportunity to ever say no, if you get what I mean.  If not, sorry I'm so confusing at 7 am on a Sunday morning, my don doesn't sleep in past 6am ever, 5:22am seems to be his wake up time. 
Anyways moving on.  Yesterday, on day 25 I met a lovely woman who really really wants to have children.  However has not yet foud the mate for her to have children with.  So she quizzed me about adoption and the ins and outs.  I am so thankful to have talked to her about it because this way she can think more about it and decide if it is for her or not, rather than just reading off of a website about it, in a one paragrapher. 
Interestingly enough this is the second, single woman I've spoken to this week who approached me to talk about adopting.  Each time I talk about it I walk away wondering if maybe one more child in the province has now found a person to have a forever family with and this little miracle of getting to talk about it with someone may have just turned into a huge miracle for a prospective mom and child.

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