Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day seven

I have a friend that has been struggling for years with her relationship with God.  She has been forever saying, "I'm waiting for an angel to just come to me so that I know God is here."  It would drive me nuts when she would say this.  It drove me nuts because she is probably one of my friends that I discuss my relationship with God the most.  Yet she wanted someone else.  I sometimes would want to scream at her, "I'm right here!"  Now I'm not presuming I'm an angel, I'm not.  However I am someone who was and is trying to discuss with her, her relationship with God and how to open her heart to Him. 
Well last night she brought up how she realized last week that she has always had two people in her life that have been leading her to God, she just hasn't been open to it because it's about control.  She doesn't want to give up any control over her life and that is scary.  I get it, sort of.  I know that many people don't want to put their whole faith in God because they don't know, they think that satan will tempt them more so life will be harder, or that they will no longer be able to do the things that bring enjoyment into their lives. 
Maybe that's just a perception, but I know for myself, I can't remember a time that I have been happier and more full of love and life, and a security that I just know that my life is great and I will have a great life and that if I died tomorrow it would all be okay. 
So with my friend, I asked her if she ever prays that God will be with her.  She said that she doesn't pray anymore because she has some anger towards God because she felt like he left her.  Well I know God hasn't moved, so where is she I asked.  So this morning I said to her, "I pray that you are with God today, amen."  God is always there/here.  It is us that move.
So miracle #7 is that my friend is open to at least asking to join God for the day.  Amen.

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