Monday, October 4, 2010

Day six

So awhile ago I decided that I did not want to date or marry anyone that wasn't a Christian.  Some of my friends and family I am sure think that this is an absurdity.  For me though this is something that is a big thing in my life and I would want to share it with my spouse.  Well a very close friend of mine and I were having this discussion yet again yesterday afternoon.  They told me that they thought I was eliminating a lot of men in the dating scene by having this standard.  They thought that I was relying on the old checklist and that I had too high of standards for a mate.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I don't know.  What I do know is that I don't want to date someone that isn't a Christian and if that means being alone and raising my son alone than that's what will happen. 
It was bothering me all night though.  I had a horrible sleep.  This morning I was about to read my bible and again it was bothering me.  I read for a bit and then it came to me how to explain it to my friend the importance of me dating a Christian.
I immediately called the friend.  I asked "If I met the perfect man and he was perfect in every aspect but the only glitch was that he didn't have a job and he never planned on working.  He planned for me to be the person that worked in the household and carry the burden of finances.  What would you think."  Their response was, "Well if you were okay with that then it's up to you but that wouldn't be something that I could go into."  I said, "and this is exactly what I am talking about in regards to dating a Christian or not.  I don't want to carry the brunt of raising our children in a Godly home, and being the only person carrying the load."  Not that this is a burden at all but it was the only way I could explain it to make sense.
So the miracle is that my friend now completely understands my point of view and respects my decision to only date a Christian.

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