Friday, October 22, 2010

Day twenty-two

These wonderful people are the miracle of today.  I was listening to John Bevere and a talk he was doing.  He made reference that God gives us people as gifts in our lives.  A pastor is a gift to the church.  Well this family is a gift to Jacob and I.  This is my pastor and his family.  I feel so abundantly blessed to have them in our lives.  They are amazing leaders in our church, and they are just loving people.  When you are around them you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 
Jacob absolutely loves going there.  He has yet to show any hesitation to going, from day one he has almost ran to get into the house and play with all of the kids. 
Today I realized how similar Stacey, the mom, and I are.  I had to work late and when I arrived she sent some of their supper home for me.  Now this is something I totally would do, and I think I did do a few times, maybe not supper, but loaves of fresh bread, or baking, or canning, home to the family I was babysitting for throughout the summer. 
It is such a comfort to know that Jacob is in a place that has if not the same, very similar values and morals that I have.  A place where kids truly get the nurture they need each and every day.
They are a huge miracle for he and I and so they are the miracle of today.

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