Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day eight

Well it's a big one today, HUGE, one, well maybe not that huge but BIG. 
So my dad got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now to some that may not seem like a big deal but my dad has been out of work since January 2009.  Yes, he's been actively looking for work all this time nothing seems to have transpired out of it though.  Until today.  Well I have to share too how God played a part in this, of course, this blog is all about Him and His miracles.  So in August I approached our prayer chain to pray for my dad for a job.  I also approached my aunt and her prayer chain as well.  Then 3 weeks ago my dad and mom decided that they should come to church.  My dad told my mom today when he called her, "thank the Lord."  Now he could have been metaphorically speaking, but yes, THANK THE LORD.  My dad has a job.
Now there are a whole bunch of other miracles that go along with it.  It is doing the work he enjoys, it is a job close to home so he will be home every night, it is a very well paying job, and when my dad had applied he had told the company that he would take part time for now if that was all they had and instead they offered him full time work.  Miracle, miracle, miracle...........

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