Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Seventeen

Well I have to say that today the miracle and gift was time spent with one of my favorite cousins.  I had on a whim decided to go to Lloyd to do some shopping and on the way I thought that I would try giving my cousin a quick phone call.  Now my cousin is never the easiest person to get a hold of.  She is always very busy and so doesn't always answer the phone, or return emails and she doesn't have voicemail so I can't even leave her a message.  Well today she actually answered!  A miracle in itself.  We were able to meet for lunch even though neither of us had planned to it just all worked out.  Our kids have fun playing together so it is always a blessing when we are able to spend time together.
So miracle of day 17 was that it all fell into place for us to get together and talk about the wonders of God and the miracles he blesses us with each and everyday.

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