Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Sixteen

Today's miracle is an easy one to see for me.  My boss.  She is such an amazing lady.  I love her to pieces.  However I have a lot of respect for her and admire her.  She is the first person I have come across in my career that I aspire to be like.  She is well known in our field of work throughout the province.  She's not known just because she's good at what she does but also because she treats all people with such a level of dignity and respect.  She is always diplomatic and yet gets her point across in difficult situations and even when everyone doesn't agree there are not any hard feelings and people walk away with this feeling of "I like her and look forward to working with her again."
It's not just in her profession that she is an inspiration but also in her homelife.  She is a fellow Christian and on our little trip this week we talked a lot of God and his love and faith in people.  She opened the door more and more to discuss the topic.  It was a fabulous trip and I'm so greatful to have her as a boss, role model, and friend in my life.

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