Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day twenty four

I have finally began to act like a grown up and am house shopping.  I'm super picky about the realtor I use though.  I wnat to take my time and not be pushed into a house that really is not what I'm looking for.  This is what happened the last time I went house shopping.
Well I met with the realtor I decided to go with today and he really seems to be on the same page as I.  We sat down and thoroughly discussed what I would like.  I told him about a few houses that I was already interested in and he seemed to be quite honest about them.  The one has just the right amount of bedrooms and it is on a double lot with garage, and a greenhouse.  MY DREAM HOUSE!!!!  Yeah, well he told me that there is a really funky odor downstairs that is likely mold so he didn't even want to show it to me because he doesn't want me to get into anything that has major issues like that.
Now this is a huge miracle to me because it means that the realtor is working for me and going to get us into a house that meets our needs, in our price range, without worrying about what is going to fall down around us.  Major miracle, finding a realtor that listens to me.

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