Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 84

Today I opened a gift we had received in the mail from far away. It was a present from Jacob’s original foster family. IN the package was home made cookies, yum, a sleeper that I assumed was Jacob’s when he was a baby, a book for us to read together, some girl guide cookies, which was a treat because I didn’t buy any this year, and last but not least pictures. Baby pictures of Jacob! What a treat. I have realized how lucky I am to have any baby pictures of Jacob. So many children of the system have moved so much or not been cared for enough to have pictures taken of them and then follow them. Can you imagine not having any pictures of yourself for years at time? Not knowing what you looked like as a baby, or when you are asked to bring a baby picture to school for a project and you have none. When it seems like in today’s day and age everyone is taking pictures and posting them somewhere a child has none of themselves. I am truly fortunate to have these gifts and I’m sure one day he will realize it too. These pictures are my miracle of the day and the relationship that I have with his foster family that they would want to share them with me. I am truly grateful for both.

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