Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 88

We went roping as a family today.  Everyone but my two nieces came.  It was a fun but very cold day.  The roping was indoors but they turned the heater on just for a little while and then turned it off for the rest of the day and it was cold.  I remembered how as kids we roped in the winter more often than in the summer, how crazy we were!   
I don't rope very often very more at all, but every time I do it I have to admit that I do have fun at it.  Today I didn't rope that good but then there was a family roping, so fathers and sons, or daughters would rope together.  Dad and I actually caught two steers in a row and we won!  That would be my miracle of the day, actually catching two in a row, but also getting to rope with my good ole' dad and winning!

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