Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 115

When I finally made the decision to adopt my mom was very supportive.  I think the rest of my family thought it was yet another one of my zany ideas.  I can remember my brother saying he'd believe it when he saw it.  Then as time got closer and I was just waiting he did call me and told me that having kids was a lifelong commitment and I wouldn't be able to send them back when I got tired of them.  It was his way of giving me parental advice, I think.  My dad had the same advice.  We didn't talk much about it while I was waiting in limbo for a child.  I can remember dad's advice though was to ask for a child that didn't have disability because he thought this would be too much for a single working mother.  Either than this conversation there wasn't said much between my dad and I about adopting.  I knew his concerns were because he was concerned about me and how I would manage, not that he didn't want a grandchild.
Well I'm happy to say that all of my thoughts about my family were true.  They each accept Jacob whole heartily and he is part of the Dunlop's.  My brother wasn't at home when Jacob arrived, he was away at work but on his first day to come home he came straight to my house to meet Jacob.  I never have told him this but that meant so much to me.  The day that Jacob had met the rest of the family everyone was at mom and dad's waiting.  It was just like having a new baby and everyone seeing it for the first time, just like it should be for a first child. 
Now as almost a year has gone by my whole family loves Jacob just as much as me I think.  I watch my dad who had his reservations about me adopting ask Jacob about a dozen times per visit ,"who's papa's boy?"
This I am so thankful for and haven't dedicated a day to this miracle so today is it.  Thanks God for my family and who they are.

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