Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 109

I take the fact that my job is dealing with people's lives very seriously.  That I have the ability to assist in making dreams happen I am so blessed to do.  I can't say that I make the dreams and goals happen because i don't.  Really all I do is nag at everyone around the person to ensure that jobs get done and my person gets what they want in life.
My most recent challenge is getting an elderly man back to his home country to die.  Now you have to keep in mind when I get a referral on a person I don't get a big file that goes along with them to tell me all about their life.  I have to try and fill in the gaps somehow.  IN this case the man is almost 90, and was assigned someone to make his decisions when he was in his early 80's.  He was a signed someone public because he had no family at the time.  So how do I find out how to send him to his home country??? 
Well before I had gone on leave I had found a companion and introduced the two and they were to spend time getting to know one another and then eventually he and the companion would travel back to his home country.  This didn't happen.  As the time got closer my guy began to get paranoid that the companion would steal his money.  My guy has trust issues.  He is a survivor of the holocaust so understandably so.  My guys health then deteriorated and he ended up in a higher level of care facility. 
Then I came back.  I didn't ask about what had happened for a few months.  I'm a bit emotional/passionate about this situation.  I think of this man as a family member, not that I have a relationship with him but that if he were my grandfather what would I want for him.  I would want to  give him his dying wish, or make sure I made a really good effort, not brush it off.
SO I did finally ask what happened and was told the story and then I asked could we try again.  I know my boss probably thinks I'm loopy but I needed to ask.  My boss didn't think I was loopy and recommended that we find family in the homeland first.  Then see where to go from there.  Now my guy has always said that he did have a nephew in his homeland and that he could live with him.  However there is a bit of a language barrier I don't always understand what he is saying.  So what to do, what to do.  God gifted me.
A woman who had befriended my guy when he lived elsewhere works at the place he is now.  She and he used to ride the bus together and they became friends.  She too is from the same country as he, only she has been in Canada for a much shorter time than he.  When she saw him in this facility she was shocked.  She and I have talked and I explained to her that I needed to find this nephew.  In discussions my guy and her have realized that they are also from the same city in the old country.  Honestly, could it get much better??
SO she went on a mission.  She spoke to him more and more got as much information about the nephew as she could and then she contacted her friends in the old country and guess what??????  Yep, found the nephew.  She called him and spoke to him.  He had been sending letters to his uncle all throughout his uncle being in Canada and then a few years ago they were returned to him and he didn't know what had happened.  The nephew and I are going to speak in a week or so and see how we can get this to happen that he comes here and takes his uncle home.  Now, after reading all that how can you not believe in miracles and that God facilitated all of this??????

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