Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 95

I had today off from work.  We got today off in lieu of New Years day falling on the weekend.  A nice little treat if you ask me, one more day off!  I decided to go to Parent Link.  I kind of enjoy going and visiting, even though I don't really know the ladies that go often I like to go and visit with them.  There is some comfort in being able to visit with people that don't know everything about you and vice versa.
When I arrived Jacob and I were the only ones there and then within a little while someone else showed up and she right away was telling one of the ladies that works there about a book called "The Shack".  I've read this book and it is really good for those people who are new in their faith, or don't know much about God.  This lead into a conversation about another book about God and then onto about how we taught our children that Christmas isn't just about Santa but that it is about the birth of Jesus.  It felt so good to hear that other people, whom I barely know, have the same ideology about Christmas and that they too emphasized with their children that Christmas is about Jesus birth and what they did to teach this.  Thanks God for these people and the visit today.

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