Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 106

I belong to an amazing church but the head of the church is an absolutely pastor.  He is a real person.  A person that anyone can walk up to and feel comfortable chatting with, a pastor that it doesn't matter where you are or what he is doing he will stop and visit with you about anything.  He is just absolutely.  I became a Christian a number of years ago but had a lot of questions about God and Christianity.  I think I fell away because I didn't feel there was anyone that could help me answer my questions.  I often wonder if some people don't believe in God simply because they don't know who to ask so it is easier to read books and form opinions about God and where you stand on the topic based on books.  When I had my questions Pastor Norm sat down with me and the bible.  That was the only book he said we needed.  Any other book is man made and the bible is God's book given to the prophets to have written. 
As time goes by I continue to have questions.  Most recently about angels and how they fit in the picture.  Norm was great and got back to me with a bunch of scripture and biblical reference.  How blessed I am to have him as my pastor that I can go to and ask these questions.  Not only as my pastor but as a friend too that is helping in raising Jacob with his wife, this is where he goes while I'm at work.
Thanks God for Pastor Norm!

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