Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 62

Yesterday's miracle has lead into today's.  I had been praying about something else that I could do.  I really like my job and last week I got a rush from being able to help people so I know it is where I should be.  However, lately I've also had the desire to do something else, something more along with families in some way.  I didn't know what I wanted to do though and so I just hoped/knew God would point me in the right direction and I would have to cue in to his lead.  Today I figured it out and it is totally not what I had in mind but I'm really excited about it and looking forward to something with families way out in left field.
I'm going to apply to be a marriage commissioner.
Betcha didn't see that one coming!  I decided to apply because, one my brother and his fiancee are the third couple to ask me to marry them.  I have know idea why people have asked me in the past to marry them but by people in the past asking me made me think this is something I should pursue.  So I went and spoke to the local marriage commissioner.  She gave me all the information and told me that she would fully support my application and provide a reference as well as walk me through the process.  I spoke to my pastor about it because that was my only reservation.  In my eyes, for me, I would want to get married by him entering into a marriage under God's law.  However I do recognize that not all people share this same idea as me and I think I would be good at it, not sounding too pompous.  The pastor supported the idea so I'm in. 
I like being able to meet new people and only have them in my life for a short period, I like getting to help them at the beginning of a new path, essentially the start of them beginning a family because I don't care what you say it doesn't take having a child to be a family. 
So that's my miracle and answered prayer of the day, I'm applying to be a marriage commissioner.

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