Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 35

I go to a group on Monday nights, it's called small group.  It's not called bible study because we don't necessarily always study the bible.  Last year we did a session on how to talk to non-Christians about Christianity.  It was very good.  This year though we are doing a study from Charles Price.  He's quite interesting.  I like him because he talks from the bible, not what he has done.  I find that many pastors/evangelicals talk about what they have done more than what the bible says. 
Anyways we're doing 1Samuel right now.  Very interesting.  He discussed the story of David and Goliath.  Now I know the story, David a tiny teen kills a giant of a man.  That's the story.  However that isn't the whole story.  See there was Saul first, God told Saul that he would defeat the Philistines and take over Israel again.  So when Goliath challenges the Israelites it should have been Saul that went out and took on the challenge.  He was actually a big man too, much more comparable in size to Goliath than David was.  However he didn't.  He was scared to.  So instead David goes out and says that he will take on Goliath.  What does Saul say?  I pray that the Lord is with you.  How many times have I done that.  Instead of putting my faith in God and doing what he wants me to do for someone instead I say, I'll pray for you.  What a cop out?!  That's exactly what Charles Price said.  It's easier sometimes to just say I'll pray for you rather than actually doing something.  That's not the end of the story though.  David goes out to Goliath and tells him in so many words, I'm going to lay a beat down on you and kill you and then I'm going to chop off your head and I'm going to do all this because I have God on my side.  That is exactly what happened!  Now how often do I pray and not exactly believe that God is on my side?  I should always believe that he is on my side I know this but sometimes I admit it I don't believe it whole heartedly. 
So what does this all have to do with a miracle today?  Well I now know, God is always on my side and when I pray I know he will be there.  I also know now that sometimes I shouldn't pray, I should do.  In the next few days you might see that I do this.

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