Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 58

I had a big prayer request this week.  A person on my caseload was being evicted and as of Monday we had no place for him to go.  Thursday at 4pm was eviction time.  Scrambling occurred.  Where to make application, what happens if no one accepts the person?  The person doesn't just have a disability either, they are elderly, learning disabled, and have a mental illness.  Not every facility is jumping up and down to take someone like that.
Well Tuesday I prayed a lot.  I asked God to just help us to find this person a home that would meet all of their needs and feel accepted.  I also told God, I know that He would deliver but if He could just deliver my prayer request a little earlier than Thursday at 4pm it would be really appreciated.
Well Tuesday at 2pm we found out a facility would take the person.  Then today I had a meeting with everyone and we will also have mental health involved, home care, his pdd supports, and the facility is really looking forward to having him.  So every single one of my prayer requests about this situation were answered, all before 4pm on Thursday.
Who says God doesn't answer prayers?


  1. To this and a few other posts you have made: I think you are the miracle in these other peoples lives!

  2. Added, I hope other workers work this hard to make a difference.