Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 38

Can I be the miracle of today?  Not to be totally egocentric or anything but I think I did a little miracle for someone else today.  There was a mother at a local play group that had a bit of a struggle with one of her children.  Well when I got home I was really thinking about her and the situation.  I had 2 options, pray for her and her family, or do something.  I did.  I sent her a message telling her that we all have those kind of days with our kids and that she was a great mom to great kids.  Now I barely know this woman but from what I see of her I knew those two things about her.  She messaged me back and thanked me for my kind words.  Now I didn't do it for praise, I did it because I have had those days already in my short parenting life that I just wanted to cry and say "why is this so hard?"  When you just want your kids to behave and they don't.  So my miracle is that I put a smile on almost a stranger's face and hey maybe at the end of it all I might have a new friend, or if I don't that's okay too.  The smile was worth the doing instead of praying today.

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