Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 48

I usually only post one miracle but I just have to do it; I'm writing about 2! 
So to start off with it's Sunday today, my favorite day of the week.  It has always been my favorite and now that I go to church every Sunday it's even better.  As I was driving to church I got a text from my future sister in law asking for me to save them a seat because they were coming too.  I began to think about how only 2 years ago it was just me alone going to church all by myself.  Slowly I started taking my nieces and then I started bringing my friends children.  Before long my friends entire family was coming, then another friend and her little girl, and then my parents, and then another longtime guy friend and now yet another friend has asked to come.  Our row is full!   Completely full, if everyone showed up all together we wouldn't all fit in one row!   That is amazing!  I just feel so thankful to have not only a church family but my own family and friends coming together to hear God's word on Sundays.  It was also communion Sunday today and whenever it is communion I tend to get more emotional and teary eyed about Jesus dying for me.  It is a huge miracle that this man paid the price so that I would forever live in God's love and grace.  So there are a few/several miracles in that whole rambling take your pick of which one you want to label as today's miracle.
So the second one I'm going to write about is my friends Christmas, birthday presents.  My friends used to have a basset hound.  They got him as a puppy and had him until he was a ripe old age and they had to put him down.  Well now a few years later they are thinking its time to get another one.  So we've been on the hunt for one and in the back of my mind I knew this would be my Christmas gift to them.  So last night my friend and I discussed it and I asked what she would pay for a dog and she gave her price and I told her I would be paying the rest, no ifs ands or buts.  Now I did tell her this is my gift to the whole family for the entire year, including birthdays, so in the end I'm probably spending the same amount on one gift that I would spend throughout the entire year.   When I got home this afternoon I went on a search and found a breeder about an hour away who has a litter that will be ready right before Christmas, there is a health guarantee, and I found her so personable on the phone.  She told me about the litter and even told me that one puppy was not a recommended purchase because he just had a few little issues.  I don't think all breeders would be this up front.  So we discussed it all and I'm getting them a puppy for Christmas!!   I think that I'll go and pick it up on the 23rd and then the 24th we'll exchange gifts and I'll give them the pup!~  Miracle #2 finding a puppy that fits all of our needs and is from a good home, not a puppy mill.

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