Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 56

Today I did work.  I had to go out of town today to meet with a client and his friend.  Now this client is one of my favorite people on my caseload.  He is a survivor, literally, the man survived the holocaust.  Every since I have known this man he has wanted to go back to his homeland to die.  I attempted to make this happen last year, found someone to travel with him, it looked like it would work out.  I left work and it didn't all work out. 
Anyways, now this man has a friend who is his friend.  They met in the local community that they both lived.  Then he moved and she saw him where she worked, this is now where he lives.  The two have become friends and share the great love they have for thier homeland.  Well ironically enough this friend is also from the same city that he is from.  So needless to say we are working on getting him to his home again.  This is a huge miracle to me.  To be able to help in granting this man his last dying wish is such a gift to me.  I'm not happy about it because I get to tell people about it, I'm happy because I see this man who has had very little go right in his life and now all he wants to do is die in his homeland and to know that he will brings me a warm fuzzy feeling that I truly did listen and help this man.

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