Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 41

Okay I've started praying about a husband.  I came across a list of 5 things that I had written down a year and a half ago, the list included things that I wanted/needed prayer for.  Well 3 of the 5 have been crossed off.  WOW!  So one of the last two things is a companion.  So I've been praying about this.  Praying that God would present someone to me who would be a good man to us and an equal.  A man that would appreciate me as much as I appreciated him.  A man that has a relationship with God.  This morning I prayed before I read my bible, including a request about a husband.  Then I was busy doing my hair and I stopped and thought, I need to give praise, not just requests all the time.  So I took a minute or so, that's all it takes, to thank God for all that he has done in my life and apologized for all of the hurt I had caused him.  Go back upstairs and continue doing my hair.  Within 5-10 minutes someone called me and asked if I still drank double doubles because he was going to come to church with me today and bring me a coffee.  Okay, I hear ya God.  Loud and clear.  I know who it is I'm supposed to be with and I know that God has brought us to place together and now I will wait until this person develops his relationship with God more and God will lead the way. 
Funny though how often I pray but how often I don't stop to listen to the answers.

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