Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 49

I had a long list of concerns with regarding adopting through the province that I wanted to voice somewhere.  Working within government I knew going to my MLA or the Minister isn't the best route.  Really no change comes of the concerns and you just create a bunch of paperwork.  With that said I discussed my concerns with my supervisor.  She recommended I voicing those concerns to the CEO of our region.  She had met him through meetings and felt he would be the best avenue for me to go.  So, with that I sat and thought about what exactly I wanted to voice.  I have no complaints about Jacob, it is more the province and the job that they do.  I wrote my long email and explained the concerns I had and questions I had about the process.  It took a little over a week but the CEO did respond.  He did inform me that he had discussed my concerns with the regional workers and this was the compilation of the answers he received.  I'm not going to get into the whole entire thing but one thing I wondered about is why there seems to be so many young children in urban centres but in rural there isn't and why are parents then not matched inter-regionally more often?  My co-worker suggested that when I am approved again why not just cold call a social worker in an urban area and provide them with my file # and ask them to take a look and see if there were any children on their caseload that might be a match.  I didn't know what I thought about this, would I get into trouble, was I stepping on someone's toes?
Well the CEO responded about inter-regional transfers.  What he said is that their region is diligent in getting all children in the electronic system and this is how inter-regional matches occur.  He said that he was not sure how dilligent other regions were about this, so it might be that some available children's profiles were sitting on people's desks or in their filing cabinets.  So I would never be matched with a child that might meet my inquiry simply because they weren't in the electronic system.  HOW UNFORTUNATE FOR THESE KIDS!!!  So that is my answer though, I am so cold calling a social worker in the city when I am approved again and going to send them my approved homestudy so that maybe a little one in that pile might be matched with me! 
Miracle of day 49.

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