Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 43

I wasn't sure which miracle I was going to write about today.  Then only 10 minutes ago it came to me. 
My dad.  He is my miracle of the day. 
I have noticed a trend in my caseload.  I have had more and more Korsakoff's syndrome folks as referrals.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korsakoff's_syndrome  if you aren't sure what this is.  In a nutshell, people drink themselves brain injured.  I'm starting to struggle with these folks.  They are such sad cases.  Left by family members because family is just burnt out and fed up of having to deal with their alcoholic loved one. 
So why is my dad the miracle of the day?  Well for the first 5 years of my life my dad was an alcoholic.  I'm the only kid that remembers much of it and really I only probably remember 3 or 4 episodes, although I know that there were more.  He quit drinking though and hasn't touched a drop in 25 years.  Well, actually I remember him having a sip of wine somewhere but that's been it.  Wine was never his thing anyways, he was whiskey man.  Funny, when I started drinking I remember smelling Gibson's whiskey once and instantly the scent brought me back to a scenario with my dad, I checked and yes, Gibson's had been his favorite drink of choice. 
Had he not quit I'm sure it would have been easy to just stay in that life of alcoholism and now it might be my family dropping him off at a hospital in a drunken stupor and walking away.
His sobriety is my miracle, a little one today, but a big one of the course of our lifetimes.

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