Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 57

I'm not sure how much I've written about my son's bio mom before on here or on my other blog but I have to share this little tidbit because it relates to my miracle of the day.
She has only had my son and an older daughter, born in 2003.  The daugther is with her biological dad and I don't have any information on who the dad is so we may never be able to make contact if Jacob so chose to do so one day.
In December of last year his mom had called and said she was pregnant again.  I at first was not open to even thinking about adopting any more of her children.  As time went by though I began to think that it would be great to have siblings and how nice it would be to have a baby. 
In August when I signed all the last documents to make Jacob mine legally I also filled out a siblings registry card.  This would be sent to headquarters and then on my electronic file we would be linked to her so that if she ever did have a baby we would be first choice to adopt or foster the child.
Well unfortunately I'm jaded.  I wasn't so sure that this card made it to headquarters.  So my co-worker was able to pass on the name of the person I should contact to ensure the card did make it to where it should.
I left a message for this person and never heard back.  Today though I received a call from a man and he explained the process and such, no my card was not there.  I explained the reason why I wanted to ensure it made it into the electronic system and he did ensure me that "they" (whoever they are) are going to be looking into that situation to see if there is a baby in the system.
So no, I haven't heard any more.  However my small miracle is that I now know that someone did hear me and my information is now where it should be in case there ever is a little brother or sister for Jacob. 

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