Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 50

Well I decided what I wanted to get my brother for Christmas; we draw names and I drew his.  However I would need a miracle to get it!  It happened and here is what he is getting for Christmas!!

My brother has always really liked coonhounds.  I found these puppies a little over an hour away and super reasonably priced.  The only thing was to convince his fiancee that he could have one.  She thought about it and agreed.  So that isn't the only miracle regarding this little pooch though.  The puppy is ready to go now, what do I do with it from now until Christmas???
Well a friend of mine, who is also getting a puppy from me for Christmas graciously offered to look after this little guy until Christmas for me.  So what will happen is then on the 23rd I will pick up that families puppy; we'll exchange Christmas gifts and so essentially I'll drop off their dog, get my brothers and really only have to look after one puppy overnight for the nights of 23rd and 24th. 
Pretty great miracle I'd say!!

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