Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 42

Well I want to start the process to adopt again....... what I've been told by social workers is that I have to wait a year after Jacob is mine legally.  So I was talking to my co-worker, who happens to be an ex-children services social worker.  She so graciously forwarded their policy manual on to me.  Guess what???  Policy states that it is a year from placement of the adopted child.  So February, 2011, not September 2011. 
Now some of you may be thinking I'm jumping into the fire before the coals have even cooled again.  I'm not.  I'm actually not 100% convinced that another adopted child is what I want.  What I do know though is that if I start the process and then life takes a different path then I can let children services know and stop future matches, etc.  However if I don't start then I am making our little family wait that much longer if another child is what is in store for us.  I just want to have a door open to close if I want to or to leave open if I want another little snickerdoodle (my co-workers lingo, love it) to come through it.
So knowing the actual fact and policy is my little miracle today.

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