Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 32

This morning I went to a ladies brunch.  A friend hosts one ever second month I think.  Its just a nice morning of food and visiting.  I look forward to these invites.  I sometimes bring Jacob.  This morning though I thought I would ask my friend Tammy and her family to keep Jacob for a few hours.  I was going to be watching her son in a few days so as a give and take I thought I would cash in first, so to speak.  Well when I got done I called Tammy for something and to let her know I would be there right away.  Well she said that she had just put Jacob down for a nap and that she would call me when he woke up!  So I had a few more hours to myself.  Now I love my son dearly and I love having him around all of the time and for the most part I do.  Today though I wanted to do a few errands and possibly pick up a few Christmas gifts so having another couple hours to myself really was a blessing.  So miracle of day 32, a great friend who just does, just because.

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