Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 44

So although I am extremely thankful for my job, co-workers, boss, etc. I'm feeling a need for change.  I didn't know what until today.  In chatting back and forth with a friend I realized what I am really good at and like to do, what I feel purposeful doing.  Now when I say it your going to be like, "what is that?"  I'll explain it.  A systems navigator.  So what is that.  Well in my ideal world it would be someone you call when you are trying to figure out which government department to go through for your issue.  You know when you are faced with something and you know that there should be some kind of help out there and yet you don't know where to go so you do one of two things; nothing; or you make a bunch of wrong phone calls until you find the right place to talk to.  Okay, so what I would do is listen to your problem, crisis, or issue and then guide you to the exact place you need to go. I might be the one making all the wrong phone calls for you, or I might know exactly where to point you and give you the correct information right off the bat.  This came to me because I have found that I tend to put myself in this situation a lot.  Most recently with a friend who's nephew is having some issues and they didn't know where to turn or what resources are out there for this little tyke.  How often does this happen?  A lot I think.
So how does this tie into the miracle of the day?  Well I discussed this with my boss today and my role might very well change so that I can do this but in our department with private families!  So what a great thing this would be to work with my awesome supervisor still, great co-workers, same pay, and do what I think I could be really good at!
Yep, a pretty good miracle if I do say so myself.

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