Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 40

I was not pleased about my work situation today.  We have new roles.  We have the authority to investigate when a guardian is suspected of abusing the person they are guardian for.  This is new since last October, before that the only way to investigate anything would be to take the matter to court and challenge the guardianship order.  A long and daunting process for people so no one ever complained. 
So we received a complaint that someone was keeping the person they were guardian for away from everyone else in the family.  This so far has been the typical complaint we hear.  Now is it causing harm is always our way of knowing whether to investigate or not.  So we get up and head off to where we have to meet the alleged victim, in her home, 2 hours away from where we live.  We arrive bright and early, no answer at the door.  No answer on the phone, wait 10 mins, same thing.  My co-worker calls and checks her office messages, lo-and behold the sister of the alleged victim came and picked up her sister and took her to a town an hour away from her home, so 3 hours away from us now.  LOVELY!  Message was left this morning, probably about an hour into our drive.  Unimpressed were we!~ 
So on we go and carry on to another community where I have to serve someone some documents.  The person resides in a hospital where I know the nurse manager and social worker really well.  I end up spending some time visiting with the nurse manager.  She asks how Jacob is and tells me that she still has his stocking that she made him for last Christmas, as we thought I would get him home last year just before Christmas.  How kind and sweet she is.  This woman who I only know through my job and have limited interaction with but she took the time to make my son a Christmas stocking before I even had him.  How sweet, again, how sweet!  Through our discussions too I also found out a medical issue that she encountered and now may help with diagnosing what is going on with another one of my clients. 
Two little miracles in one day!  The kindness of this nurse, and possible an answer to what is happening to one of my clients due to a conversation had with her. 
All in all have to say although it didn't start on the best note it sure ended on one.

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