Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 34

I've began to house shop.  I find this process extremely stressful as a single person.  I don't have that person to make the decision with.  Tonight I went to look at a house that I was getting stressed about.  I was stressed because although I am shopping now I am not purchasing until April(ish).  I wanted to look at this house so that I would know if I wanted to pursue it or not.  Now my fear was that I would love the house and that I would feel pressure to put an offer on it now just in case it might sell before I was ready to buy.  Well although I did really like the house I didn't love the house and so I can walk away feeling no pressure at all.  Also in talking with the realtor I have realized this will be a long process.  I don't want the typical 1970(ish) bungalow.  It just isn't my style at all.  So although he's said it will take some time he is still very optimistic that we will find what I am looking for.  So I walked away feeling no stress and looking forward to continuing to shop, rather than pressure to buy something that I thought I liked.

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