Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 177

This morning I wondered if I should call a friend and get together for supper.  This is a friend that I really don't know that well but she was the first person who introduced herself to me when I started going to church and now she's moved away and I was going to be in the same town she lives now.  I did, I emailed and asked if she wanted to get together.  She was able to get together.  Prayer answered.  Not about getting together but my prayer last week was asking God to put someone in my circle that I could talk to openly about my struggle with temptation and sin.  I have not known God my entire life and sometimes I feel quite alone in this life.  My Christian friends don't seem to have had similar pasts to me, and my non-Christian friends don't live like i do now so I struggle with finding someone who I can share the struggles with.  This friend tonight has lead a similar past to I and I felt like I was no longer alone.  There are people like me out there, that have lead sinful pasts and now have a relationship with God but that old life still creeps in and is tempting, why is it tempting?  Well there's no guilt for doing things that God doesn't approve of if you don't believe in Him.  When you believe in God and have a relationship with him then you know when you are disappointing him.  When you are disobeying.  God is really your father and if you constantly are breaking the rules think of how disappointed your human parents get, God is no different.  So anyways, thanks God for this friend, her openness, the time together, and the start of a new, better friendship.

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