Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 142

I was not raised in a Christian family.  I was raised in a family that believed in God and went to church on special occasions but not much more than that.  I've found this is something that I am leaning to others to teach me how to raise my children in a Christian home.  Going to church on Sundays doesn't cut it in my mind; being a Christian is daily.  So some of the things that we do is we pray at almost all meals; for sure every meal that we sit at the table for we pray before we eat.  Our pray incorporates a memory verse as part of his BG club.  He goes to BG club where he plays with other kids, sings songs, and does crafts all in the spirit of God.  I sing Jacob a Christian song before bed every night; I love hearing him say "sing King".  He knows that the cross is a representation of Jesus and if you ask him who's cross it is he tells you "Jesus cross".  I tell him that there are no such things as monsters and that God is all around to protect him.  He watches veggie tales and quite likes "the tomato".  I was reading him bible stories before but all of my kids bibles didn't seem to really interest him so I had stopped for awhile.  A few nights ago I brought it out again and decided that I wanted to read him the bible again.  I started back at the very beginning and tonight was the second story; Adam and Eve.  Jacob listened so intently and pointed out Adam, the apple, the snake, Eve.  It lead into a much longer story than the book because he asked questions.  So my prayer has been answered and I am raising Jacob in a Christian home; I just needed that reassurance that he was indeed "getting it".  Thanks God!

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