Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 169

I don't know if Jacob is becoming more at home as time goes on, or more like me.  I think that for the most part I'm a pretty optimistic, and happy person.  Lately Jacob is always in a good mood.  I've noticed that he's always in a great mood but today a friend even called to tell me how he was in a great mood this morning when she dropped her daughter off.  He's just happy all the time!  What a blessing he is my little Mogley (nickname of the week).  We just watched the Jungle Book this past weekend and now he's in love with it, so I'm calling Mogley.  Which is kind of ironic because when I first met him with his shaggy hair and wildness about him I thought he reminded me of Mogley.  Anyways, thanks God for this happy little boy that now always says "love you mommy" before he goes to sleep and then wakes up with a big smile on his face and is happy to see me.  Thanks God!

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