Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 164

I've been exploring different school options for Jacob.  I don't really know which school, or if I even wanted Jacob to go to school but instead home school him.  Tonight I went to a presentation at one of the local schools.  I was able to ask questions that were important to me regarding his education and I've made my decision!  This was something that I was praying about because I didn't have an idea of what to do.  Send him to the school that my friends send their kids; send him to the elementary; the french school; or attempt to home school and work full time.  My decision is to send him to the french school.  I have several reasons for wanting to do this; the biggest is classroom sizes.  The grade five class this year has 8 kids!  Seriously how much one on one are the kids getting; this sold me.  The language really is the last thing of importance to me.  The others were post secondary stats; last couple of years it has been  100% of graduates going on to post secondary.  The other thing is that it is such a small school that the principal knows everyone; plus since it is so small there isn't as much bullying because they are able to keep a better handle on things and discipline.  So although my decision wasn't popular at first after explaining all my reasons I think people/my family knows where I'm coming from and understand.  So a couple of miracles today; decision and understanding!

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