Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 173

Tonight was my date night. Was it everything that I hoped and wanted?  Yep.  Was there easy conversation, was he a gentleman?  Yep.  Will there be more dates?  Yep.  Do I think I had my last first?  Yep.  Thank you God for this man, who is kind, respectful, open, handsome, humble, and good.  As you can tell I'm smitten.  Okay, if any women read this blog I know you are all thinking, when is she going to get to the details?  Well we went for a few drinks and then to a friends for her birthday.  There he met some of my friends and my pastor and family.  This was a great opening to him knowing that I'm a Christian and God is a big part of my life.  So thanks God for that opening, because honestly I didn't know how that would come up.  Thank you for the ease in the conversation, the laughs, the fun, the entire night.  Thank you for this man!  This is definitely a miracle because this was something I have been praying for, a man who may become my husband, this man has all those qualities that I was looking for.

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