Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 163

Tonight I brought Jacob to my small group meeting.  Typically he goes to my parents on this night and so I enjoy adult time while learning more about God and building my relationship with Him.  Tonight though I decided to bring Jacob with me; he's come a few other times so it wasn't a big deal, I thought.  That is until the other little boy, who's only 1 went to bed and then Jacob decided that he had enough of our visiting time and kept repeating over and over that he wanted to go home.  "I wanna go home mom, come".  Yes how fun; for 20 minutes off and on he kept repeating this same phrase in a lovely whiny tone.  However I see this as a miracle.  Yes I do.  Jacob has changed so much in a year.  He knows I'm mom, he knows where home is; he knows that home is a safe and comfortable place for him.  So my son's whining makes me happy after the fact.  Thanks God for my son, whining and all.

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